“The Florida Project”: Film Review & Podcast

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When it really works, cinema can immerse viewers into the sights and sounds and existences of worlds they would not otherwise be privy to.

“The Florida Project” is just such a film, set on the outskirts of Orlando, near Disney World, at a motel called Magic Kingdom, full with folks trying to overcome their hardscrabble lives.

Neophyte Brooklynn Prince is Moonie, the adolescent who lives in a room there with her mother Jancey, played by first time actor Brie Vinaite. Moonie runs the streets with her pals, while her mom tries to make do.

Director Sean Baker has crafted a deft examination of this world that is astute, generous and devoid of judgement.

The screen is filled with sun-splashed pastel visual splendor.

As well as stirring performances, including that of Willem Dafoe as Bobby, the motel manager.

It’s my favorite movie of the year so far.

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