Film Review & Podcast: “Murder on the Orient Express”

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I’m going to be short and not so sweet with the written portion of my review of this latest cinematic incarnation of the Agatha Christie classic.

One, because my momma always said, if you can’t write something nice, then don’t etc, etc, etc.

Two, because as much as I really found this film to be a major disappointment, as much as I realized it was among my least enjoyable experiences all year in the cineplex, my recorded verbal review is ab fab boffo and I want you to listen up.

So, no surprise as to the lack of number of stars given to this. No surprise that both thumbs and both big toes are pointed down for this film.

This version of “Murder on the Orient Express” is a serious waste of time.

My podcasted review, on the other hand, is a dynamic, scintillating, erudite work of artistic craftsmanship.

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