Film Review & Podcast: “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri”

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The anger and frustration seething within Frances McDormand’s character Mildred is palpable from her appearance in the movie’s opening shot.

Yet, all we see are her eyes through a rear view mirror as she drives by the then empty billboards on a lonely road outside town.

It was at that instant I realized how well founded all the buzz about her performance is. She’s the leader in the clubhouse for the Oscar.

Ms. McDormand is recognized as one of the most accomplished film actors of the day. That status will only be enhanced, such is the quality of her performance here as a mother at wit’s end over the fact her daughter was raped and killed, and there have been no leads as to whom the perp might be.

Step aside Marge Gunderson, as iconic a character as you have been, McDorman’s Mildred in this current release is an even more impressive tour de force.

While Mildred is the axis of this examination of small town angst, Woody Harrelson’s Chief Willoughby and Sam Rockwell’s Deputy Dixon, also troubled, are front and center too. Both also excellently well played.

To vent her discontent, Mildred calls out the cops on the billboards.

It works. The townsfolk react.

Yet that intriguing crime scenario is not really what “Three Billboards” is about. Which is these three characters and how they cope with what’s going on in their personal lives, and with the situation presented by the murder and its aftermath.

This is not a whodunit really. Though there are funny even hilarious moments, this is not a comedy as the trailer suggests. (More about that in my podcast below.)

It is an entertaining gut punch of a film about small town folks attempting to survive their travails.

That McDormand and Harrelson and Rockwell deliver top shelf, award quality performances gives the whole endeavor a resonance.

Martin McDonagh wrote and directed.

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    We just saw it. It was amazing!

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