“Thor Ragnarok”: Film Review & Podcast

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If only for those deliciously stylin’ antlers that Cate Blanchett’s wicked character Hela sprouts when she’s ready to crank her evil to 11, to wreck havoc and spread destruction in the name of conquest, if only for those, I would love “Thor Ragnarok.”

But, much to the surprise of this moviegoer who is disinclined to like these superhero affairs, I was suitably entertained by this whole deal, and, such is the disarming humor, remained bemused with a smile on my face throughout.

Chris Hemsworth may lose his hammer, but not his ability to trade bon mots with Ms. Blanchett and Mark Ruffalo and Jeff Goldblum and others. Especially the relatively unknown Tessa Thompson who almost steals the whole affair with her take on Valkyrie.

So, anyway, “Thor Ragnarok” will fool you. It did me.

Beyond all the CGI superhero clashes, it’s a funny film.

For more, do listen up, my podcast review is pretty danged humorous, if I do say so myself:

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— c d kaplan

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