Film Review Podcast: “Happy Death Day”

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I know what you’re saying: “The Culture Maven never reviews horror films, never goes to slasher flicks.”

And you would be absolutely correct.

But, “Happy Death Day,” I’m happy to be alive to report, is really a satire. The horror parts are, frankly, suitably benign.

This is sort of a rave up of the genre.

A comely coed wakes up in a guy’s dorm room, after an evening of obviously too much parttttaaaaay. She goes through her day, which happens to be her birthday. Then she gets killed.

At which point, she wakes up and relives the same day again, with a gnawing sense of deja vu.

Does the premise sound familiar?

If you want more on this moderately entertaining film which had the highest gross box office its opening weekend, listen up:

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