“Blade Runner 2049”: Film Review & Podcast

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There has been a definite reverence afforded the original “Blade Runner” through the decades.

A belief that it was both innovative in cinematic terms. And that it dealt with issues of concern and importance at the dawn of the technological age.

Then there was the issue of how the film was edited for first release, then an allegedly more definitive Ridley Scott rejiggering. So the acolytes were left with even more contemplations about the basis of existence, what’s real life and what isn’t?

Yes and Deckard: Human or Replicant?

The burgeoning imposition of artificial intelligence makes this the right time for the Blade Runner update.

Who shall be in charge when the century hits the halfway mark?

Humans or Replicants?

This sequel pays its respects to the original, while also moving on.

The visuals are as scintillating even though the landscapes are different.

The film is long. The film is compelling. New issues are presented.

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