Film Review & Podcast: “Menashe”

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There are parts of real life that are universal.

Family stuff. Emotional situations. Cultural demands.

Whether living in Bed Sty, Mumbai or Steubenville, such are present in one way or another for most everybody.

Which is why a niche film such as “Menashe,” a slice of life observation of an ultra orthodox, widowed Jewish father, stuck in a dead end job at a grocery, trying to regain full custody of his son, has ubiquitous resonance.

Not a lot of films hitting the heartland, where the dictates of the Torah impose upon the daily existence of a simple man who is trying his best, against the realities of his own personality and the liturgical mandates of his faith.

This is a marvelous little film, shot in extreme close up and dark light, exposing the cloistered nature of Menashe’s life.

It examines a world of faith that few have been exposed to. Yet the story and truths told reverberate without bounds.

For more on the film “Menashe,” listen below:

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