Film Review & Podcast: “Good Time”

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We go to the cineplex to be enveloped. To allow the lights to go down and the world on the silver screen becomes the only immediacy.

Hopefully we are able to leave mundane at the popcorn stand. Hopefully the gang in the row in front of us turns off their phones and stops chatting. Hopefully we become immersed, for better or worse, in what unfolds on the screen.

Sometime, as with the Safdie Brothers’ “Good Time,” we get swallowed whole, find ourselves pulled along with a Styxian current, scrambling for safe harbor in the belly of the beast.

Here we have Robert Pattinson as a nasty, immoral guy. He loves his mentally challenged brother, yet pulls him some hairbrained bank robbery scheme. As they try to get away, brother is caught and jailed. Pattinson’s character Connie Nikas is left to skulk through the night in search of money to bail bro out.

It’s the mean streets of NY in its peculiar, unique middle of the night. Creatures are crawling, sane thoughts and rational conversations are elusive.

So that’s the immersion one gets with “Good Time.” An hour and a half of existence in places most have not experienced. Think Travis Bickle’s haunts in “Taxi Driver.”

The film if grimy and grizzly is compelling, a propulsive interlude.

Sound like a place you want to spend a couple hours?

Listen further and find out:

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