Film Review Podcast: “Atomic Blonde”

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What was once but a trickle has now become somewhat of a groundswell. Operative word: somewhat.

A number of loyal readers have offered how they appreciate written film reviews, as opposed to podcasted ones. The comments aren’t falling on deaf ears. It is my intention to start writing more of them in the future. And thank you all for your input.

Understand, I’m obligated to podcast a review per week for WFPL’s Facebook page. So that’s why I tend to simply record them. But shall endeavor to write some up when a film is worthy of the effort.

Which is to sort of explain why today’s review of “Atomic Blonde” is simply a podcast.

Not that I didn’t like it. Or that it’s a great movie.

If you listen, you’ll understand I simply haven’t the capability to be objective when it comes to Charlize Theron.

So, here it is:

Audio MP3

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