Film Review Podcast: “Baby Driver”

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I was certainly anxious to see this flick.

Because, frankly, I’m not aware of a car chase shoot ’em up that’s gotten such an over the top positive response from a vast majority of the nation’s leading film critics. (I know I shouldn’t read those things ahead of time, but I simply can’t help myself.)

So, the question before us today is: Does Edgar Wright’s musical about a sweet kid with bad hearing, great driving chops and good musical taste who drives getaway cars for some truly heinous dudes stand up to the essentially universal praise?

Does the Culture Maven fall in line, join the lock stepping critical cognoscenti?

Rebel as I would like to think I am, I pretty much do so.

Despite a few flaws, this is damn enjoyable summer entertainment.

For more insight, please do listen up.

(But beware, because of some seriously bad editing of my own script, mea culpa maxima, I utter a few sentences in the middle of this thing, which are, frankly, incomprehensible. But a boffo and seriously entertaining review it remains.)

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