Film Review Podcast: “Baywatch”

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What I shall assume you are expecting, if you choose to listen to the podcasted review below, is a pithy dismissal of this cinemazation of the iconic TV series that made Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff famous.

Think again.

Of course, there’s not much there there with this iteration of Baywatch, featuring The Rock, Zac Efron, Kelly Rohrbach and Alexandra Daddario.

What did you expect, the filmmakers to turn this into something Shakespearean?

Despite the obvious and expected deficiencies, I found “Baywatch” way more than palatable.

Of course, it ain’t gonna win any awards.

But, at the very least, it will allow us to determine if Dwayne Johnson has what it takes to win the presidency in 2020?

Do listen below:

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