Film Review Podcast: “Free Fire”

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Truth be told, this is the kind of movie I generally avoid as if it were the reincarnation of the Bubonic Plague.

In a nutshell, it’s about a gun deal for some M16s in a grimy warehouse in the late 70s that ends up with a bunch of ne’er do wells shooting at a bunch of other bad dudes (and one woman, Brie Larson).

Half hour of set up.

Sixty minutes of gunfire.

And . . . that . . . is . . . essentially . . . the plot.

There are some clever bon mots tossed back and forth, the sort of banter people of this ilk in real life would never utter.

And that is the sum total of what you get.

I do provide some more insight, if curious, in the podcast below.


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