The Spyglass Chronicles: 8/21/16

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chron“Night Moves” Full Contact Karaoke. St. Joe’s Picnic. A run of the mill version of the Bob Seger’s most astute classic by an earnest but mediocre garage contingent. (Great band name though.) Only a smattering of the large crowd at the beloved annual charity event were even around the stage at the time. Probably so they could set their beers down, while downing an uninspiring fried fish sandwich, sold from a booth nearby.

But the song took on meaning as the evening unfolded. The facility’s grounds were overrun by gaggles of recently teenaged girls and hordes of pubescent boys. They circled each other in droves, looking up from their phones, nervously laughing, pointing, whispering in their BFF’s ears.

They were workin’ on mysteries without any clues, tryin’ to lose the awkward teenage blues, waiting on the thunder in the summertime.

Sweet summertime summertime.

“Dust My Broom” Elmore James. I’m not much into musician’s bios. Friends have been gifting me them for years. They’re stacked in my book cases, most just partially read, some never opened. But an old college pal, as addled with the music as I, sent me Rich Cohen’s latest, “The Sun, The Moon and the Rolling Stones.

Finally picked it up to gander at during lunch the other day, to discover it’s breezy, easy to digest style. Savor all the nifty little stories Cohen’s gathered during the decades as a Stones insider. After reading an anecdote about Brian’s and Keith’s fascination upon first hearing Elmore James in the early 60s, I pulled my compilation of the Delta slide master’s stuff off the rack and put it on the box.

Septuagenarian that I am, I still found myself standing in front of the speakers playing air guitar, like a kid in his bedroom while hearing his father yelling through the door to turn it down.

The first eight seconds of “Dust My Broom” define rock & roll.

Either you want it or you don’t.

“Rules Don’t Apply” (Warren Beatty, director) Hollywoodland royalty doesn’t come more entrenched than Warren Beatty. Getting on in years, he hasn’t been seen on the silver screen in 15 years, and hasn’t directed a major film release since the late 1990s.

He does both in a forthcoming romantic comedy, featuring a stellar cast of stalwarts.

The trailer has me hooked. It appears Beatty still has a deft touch. Can’t wait.

Webb Wilder’s Credo. The rocker’s name gurgled up on Facebook the other day.

Guy’s got the greatest credo in rock.

Work Hard. Rock Hard. Eat Hard. Sleep Hard. Grow Big. Wear Glasses If You Need ‘Em.

Hunter Thompson & Ernest Hemingway’s Antlers. When visiting his hero Papa Hemingway’s Ketchum, Idaho home in the early 60s, Dr. Gonzo paid his respects by stealing mounted antlers from the wall.

HST’s widow just returned them to Hemingway’s family.

“Get Out of Denver” Bob Seger. So, you know how these things work. Because of my snippet at the top, I’m thinking Seger. And I’m thinking my personal favorite Seger song. And I’m sitting at the computer, and youtube beckons, so I click on the link and the next thing you know I got this.

And I’m reminded of what my buddy Bill told me once, when the subject of Springsteen came up. The gist of which is:

“I’m from Wisconsin. The Heartland. Bob Seger is my Springsteen.”

Which as such matters more often than not do, led me to this:

Of course Bruce’s rendition doesn’t touch the originator. It’s a one and off performance. That’s not the point. This is one Boss who’s always aware of the roots and the parallel paths of fellow travelers.

The circle is unbroken.

Kirsten Dunst on Peggy Blumquist. The actor was recently asked in a NY Times interview about the current whereabouts of her Emmy-nominated character from the second season of “Fargo.”

“Maybe Peggy’s escaped again, and lives off the grid in El Paso.”

— c d kaplan

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