The Curious Matter of Rachel Dolezal

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rachelRachel Dolezal’s name is the kind that pops up now and again in this insidious age of too much faux news and social media commentary. The kind of name with a relatively short public half life, the kind that, when mentioned in six months, or a year on, you say, “Oh yeah, wasn’t she the one . . . ?”

But Dolezal is still in the news, thanks to Maya Rudolph’s satirical take on the former Spokane NAACP leader, which comic shtick, as we’re wont to say these days, has gone viral on the internet.

We are inclined to make much ado about the trivial in these oversaturated media times. Dolezal’s 15 minutes of fame is curioser than most such momentary cultural flirtations.

In recent times, this woman born of Caucasian parents, has been passing herself off as an African-American. To nary a bit of harm to anyone or any organization or society as best I can determine.

For her out of the ordinary racial confusion — Which word may not be apt, but I use it for lack of any other description I can muster — Dolezal has become an object of derision. People seem forced to take sides.

But, on what, I don’t understand? As I’ve advised in other forums, I’m simply not sure I comprehend the basis for this vitriolic enmity toward Ms. Dolezal.

She appears confused, distraught, unable to cope with confusing identity issues roiling about within. She suffered, perhaps, an abused childhood.

So, many have obviously felt compelled to deride her for it.

Why is that?

This is a woman, obviously of intellect, and just as assuredly with some personal stuff that she hasn’t fully dealt with.

When confronted before the camera, she hadn’t the wherewithal to adroitly share what’s going on with her.

Even though that’s off putting, I am sure that doesn’t mean she deserves to be pelted with brickbats.

Here’s her most forthcoming statement (in a story at about this firestorm of attention she’s garnered:

“I felt very isolated with my identity virtually my entire life, that nobody really got it and that I really didn’t have the personal agency to express it. I kind of imagined that maybe at some point (I’d have to) own it publicly and discuss this kind of complexity. (But) I wasn’t expecting it to be thrust upon me right now.”

So, she’s confused. She identifies herself as black.

In this age when Caitlyn Jenner is considered courageous and on the cover of mainstream magazines, what concern is it of ours how Rachel Dolezal presents herself?

I simply don’t understand the whole kerfuffle.

As a pal would say, why should we give a big whup?

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  1. 1 Michael boggs said at 8:27 pm on June 24th, 2015:

    Totally with you on this one, pal

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