Rants & Raves: We Crave The Lurid

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historyLouisville is the epicenter of college hoops.

It’s a fact. Check out the TV ratings, come NCAA tournament time.

And, like most places, Louisvillians become entranced with the lurid side of life, such as when celebs get in trouble.

Those two tendencies clashed last week, thus trending upward, like some sort of Ohio Valley Vortex.

So, Saturday, during my gig with James at FPK 91.9, after we schmoozed as usual, I weighed in on the confluxation of those two societal tendencies, college hoops meets tabloid fodder.

Listen up:

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One Comment on “Rants & Raves: We Crave The Lurid”

  1. 1 Stan said at 6:17 pm on March 9th, 2015:

    Always enjoy your stuff. I am a deli /diner afficionado myself but have not visited that many great ones except – Shapiros in Indy. I didn’t realize you had attended Longfellow Elem. Went there myself. Saw in another column regarding pencil sharpeners the name of your second and third grade teachers which I did not recognize. My fourth grade teacher was Audrey Wright and my 6th grade teacher was Margaret Keeling. I am guessing you might be familiar with one of them. Can’t remember 5th grade.
    Lastly, any thoughts on “Eggs over Frankfort”I met the owner ( very nice guy) first time I was there, after hearing Widespread Panic (one my favs especially Jimmy Herring) and Jerry Garcia band playing in background. In my opinion, menu is limited but above average and the background music — inspired. PS He is opening another one on Bardstown Rd , an are which apparently going to be a diner heaven with the new place across from Cave Hill. That’s all the message.

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