Revealing the Best Album Ever Released

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music2It is time to end the argument once and for all, and put the whole colloquy to bed. (Hear me chuckle.)

A common engagement among music lover is to debate this: What’s the best album ever?

Of course, there are some minimal standards, but, beyond those which are met by many releases, it’s subjective. At least until now.

Ready for the reveal? Here’s what I had to say on the matter this past Saturday morning during my FPK 91.9 gig with James.

Audio MP3

Here’s the title track in its entirety:

2 Comments on “Revealing the Best Album Ever Released”

  1. 1 Steve Miller said at 10:41 pm on August 11th, 2014:

    It’s hard to categorize or rate any aspects of culture, but Astral Weeks would certainly reside in my all-time faves. To release it at a time when musical genres were argueably much clearer than today, the jazzy overtones (stand-up bass!) we’re a risk most would not have taken. Definitely his finest work.

  2. 2 Bill Carner said at 1:06 pm on August 12th, 2014:


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