The Nature of Friendship: Harold Ramis, Bill Murray & The Homily of James Brown

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shakehandsIn concert, James Brown often had a disarming yet charming propensity to go off on verbal riffs in the middle of a tune, which rhythmic asides had nothing to do with the subject of the song.

Soulful pontifications, you might even call them.

Once, at a Louisville Gardens gig, he arrived at this admonition/ aphorism: “Shake the hand of your best friend/ Tomorrow he may be gone.”

Shake the hand of your best friend, tomorrow he may be gone. He repeated the mantra over and over again.

The Godfather Knows Best.

I’ve thought of that a good deal in the last few days in the aftermath of the passing of comedic genius Harold Ramis. A good number of the remembrances have led with or include quotations from his long time cinematic partner in crime, Bill Murray. Most from “Caddyshack.”

Seems that Ramis and Murray had a falling out during the filming of the brilliant “Groundhog Day.” Apparently they stopped talking, never to resume personal communication.

Reports are mixed whether they reconciled in any manner, during Ramis’s final days.

Murray’s public statement upon Ramis’s passing would belie any rapprochement.

“Harold Ramis and I together did the National Lampoon Show off Broadway, Meatballs, Stripes, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day. He earned his keep on this planet. God bless him.”

Cold. Distant. And, oh so very, very sad.

Which reminds me of a similar situation with my father in his later years, after my mother had passed. He had some little tiff with his best friend, as best I can recall, over an inconsequential matter.

They never reconciled.

So very, very sad.

All of which leads to this, to pontificate a bit.

You got somebody in your life with whom you’ve had a falling out? Isn’t it time to put that in the past?

Life’s mighty short.

Today’s a perfect day, to follow Soul Brother #1′s advice, to get on the good foot, to reach out and touch someone you haven’t touched for awhile.

I have.


One Comment on “The Nature of Friendship: Harold Ramis, Bill Murray & The Homily of James Brown”

  1. 1 Wils Murphy said at 10:11 pm on February 26th, 2014:

    This is a great blog post with a good message. Life is too short to dis your friends forever.
    I’ve watched folks at funerals who have regrets. So sad.
    I have a friend dealing with that right now. I’m going to post this on FB and see if it helps.

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