Monday Morning Musing’s: Newsroom, That Wendy’s Redhead, Phones at the Flicks & Much Much More

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Is it me?

Or do others of you find that redhead in the Wendy’s commercials, THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON EVER ON TELEVISION?

Not to shout or anything.

I am a mild mannered guy. I respect women, and loathe the thought of physical violence. Yet, when she comes on in one of those commercials, I have the urge to slap her across the face with the back of my hand.

Yes, I know it’s my issue. But, boy oh boy, does she get on my nerves.

Her name, by the by, is Morgan Smith. She’s from Cullman, Alabama, and has done a lot of work in the theater.

Which leads me to believe that’s not her true personality in those advertisements. Thus, making me wonder why the ad agency and producers of the commercials would want her to be such a cloying, know-it-all?

Thanks for letting me vent. I feel much better now.

* * * * *

While texting in the movie theater is not nearly as dangerous as doing so while driving, it is still seriously annoying.

Fortunately it doesn’t happen that often, but still more than it should.

What I can’t understand is the mixed message theaters give audience members these days. In the commercials and folderol they throw on the screen to keep us occupied before the previews, there are messages about turning off your phone. Then messages about taking out your phone and texting “morejunk to 489727” for free discounts. Then more messages about turning off your phones, so you won’t annoy other theater patrons. Then messages about texting “962344” to find out what your phone is dreaming during the film.

What my phone is dreaming? Really.

Talk about mixed messages.

Turn it off, turn it on, turn it off, turn it on, turn it off.

Can’t we go a couple of hours just watching the movie?

* * * * *

Speaking of movies, I went to a matinee the other day at that new cineplex at the St. Matthews Mall.

Ten bucks for the flick.

“I’m a senior, do I get any daytime discount?”

“It’s already figured in.”

$10.25 for popcorn and a soft drink.

Okay, here comes one of those Old Fart I Remember When recollections.

Bard Theater. Saturday afternoon double bills.

Total tab: 30¢. (20¢ to get in. The rest covered popcorn and a drink.)

* * * * *

I know there are lots of enticing TV series out there. Frankly, I’m missing out on most of them.

But, accepting all its abundant flaws, I love “The Newsroom.”

Yes, they talk too fast, and pontificate too much. There is too much office romance innuendo. Etc, etc. But I’m hooked.

So, last night, after the third episode of the current season, I started to sit down on my computer and post on Facebook how much I love the series.

At which point, I paused.

And wondered, am I turning into one of those social media obsessed addicts, who feel compelled to share every thought and mundane experience?

I refrained, pushed the keyboard under my desk, turned off the light and went to bed.

* * * * *

I hate to call out one of my favorite lunch spots in town, Stevens & Stevens Deli, but . . .

. . . A guy’s got to call it as I see it.

They’ve gotten rid of Dirty Chips. I’m a guy who needs some potato crunch with my pastrami. Dirty Chips are mighty fine, a cut above the fray.

When I was there the other day, I had to settle for Lay’s Baked Chips. Which, to be honest, aren’t potato chips at all. Don’t believe me, read the label. It was like eating cardboard.

Mark, I implore you, bring back Dirty Chips. Please.


3 Comments on “Monday Morning Musing’s: Newsroom, That Wendy’s Redhead, Phones at the Flicks & Much Much More”

  1. 1 fred said at 9:29 pm on July 30th, 2013:

    Yes. It’s you.

  2. 2 mark said at 7:46 am on July 31st, 2013:

    Boy oh boy, does Morgan Smith get on my nerves, too.

  3. 3 Harry said at 3:21 pm on August 9th, 2013:

    You are as misguided in your critique of Morgan Smith as she is hot. And is she ever! With Red Hair!

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