World Guy Busted

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Before you get too excited, I don’t mean he was arrested or anything like that.

I’m talking about this fellow Eric Bendl, who is hard not to notice when he’s walking the streets. He’s always out and about with this big rubber globe, which he calls, not without justification, “the World.” As in “Today after work I got out the World . . . ”

Anyway, Bendl’s main goal, other than laughs and attention, is to increase awareness of Diabetes, a disease suffered by his mother, former politician of note, Gerta Bendl.

When World Guy sets out, besides “the World” he takes along his faithful canine, Nice.

So today, while out for a jog, I happened upon World Guy, “the World” and Nice in the Cherokee Triangle. They were dazzling a couple of sub teen girls who were mesmerized. Meanwhile Nice decided to relieve himself on a lawn.

Sadly Wold Guy started to walk away without cleaning up after his dog. That’s a no-no in my book. So he allegedly cares enough about world awareness to walk around with a five foot diameter globe, but doesn’t clean up after his dog. Hmmm. Is there some sort of contradiction there?

He seemed pissed when I asked, “Mr. Globe Man, you’re going to clean up after your dog, aren’t you?”

Let’s hope this was a one time omission. That’s he’s as earth concious as he would portray himself, and usually cleans up after Nice. Hey, maybe he can even start carrying around a litter bag, and really set an example by picking up cans and discarded food wrappers and cigarette packages as he walks “the World.”

It would be a good thing.

— c d k

4 Comments on “World Guy Busted”

  1. 1 Bryan said at 1:28 am on June 30th, 2009:

    Are you actually complaining that a guy walking 500+ miles to raise money for diabetes should give a damn about his dog taking a leak? And especially to give a damn what you think of it?
    Da da da da DUUUUUOOOOOOCHE!

  2. 2 Jo said at 3:31 am on July 2nd, 2009:

    Wow. Maybe he could “really” set an example by picking up trash too?? Are you serious??? Because he’s not “really” setting any kind of example as is? Gee, C D, maybe he could also give blood while he walks, adopt an orphan and fight crime. Maybe you should move the “curmudgeon” a little closer to the front of your list of personal descriptors.

  3. 3 c d kaplan said at 10:25 am on July 2nd, 2009:

    1) I was not complaining about the dog taking a leak, but taking a dump on someone’s lawn.

    2) Well, yes he could set a really good example by picking up litter. I do when I walk and jog. More important, it is common decency to clean up after your dog when it dumps in residential neighborhood. Somebody who seeks attention, as he does, should be setting an example. Period.

  4. 4 KevinNab said at 12:09 pm on December 26th, 2018:

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