Today’s Lesson Learned: Contrition

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A little contrition goes a long way.

In real life.

In politics (which is sometimes but not always the same thing as real life.)

Just weeks into his administration, President Obama, referring to the selection of tax-owing Tom Daschle for his cabinet, simply said, “I screwed up.”

How damned refreshing. Sure the adminstration kept its head in the sand for a couple of days after the revelations about Daschle’s failure to report all his income. That is politics (real life) as usual. But it really didn’t take that long to throw in the towel and admit a mistake had been made.

The lesson is well taken. If we make a mistake, admit it. Be contrite. Apologize. Learn from it.

Like I said at the top: A little contrition goes a long way.

— c d k

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