Today’s Lesson Learned: 01.14.09

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You’ve seen the commercials, I’m sure, the ones with that snappy huckster with the State Fair Official Microphone hooked around his ear and the ultimate barker’s rap. His name is Vince. His product: ShamWow. They’re towels  — Made in Germany — which allegedly hold twenty times their weight in liquid. Ten year warranty.

“Not available in Stores.” His quote exactly. It appears on the screen.

The Film Babe and I bit. Went for the double deal. Four — count ’em — four ShamWows. Plus four Mini ShamWows

Only $19.99. Plus S & H. That would shipping and handling. Another ten bucks or so. But, hey, these things are indispensable for the house, the car, the boat, the garage.

So I go online and order. Knowing full well that every www. shuckster in the cybergalaxy is going to have my email address by the next morning. Spam ensues. Actually not too bad.

The lesson in all this: ShamWows are available in stores. And you don’t have to pay S & H. The day after I ordered them I saw a bunch on a shelf at Walgreens.

So, I guess what I’m saying is this: You can’t believe everything you see on TV.

— c d k

2 Comments on “Today’s Lesson Learned: 01.14.09”

  1. 1 flubby said at 6:16 pm on January 14th, 2009:

    But do they really work as advertised ??? C’mon, you’ve never left us wanting on review before.

  2. 2 c d kaplan said at 6:26 pm on January 14th, 2009:

    Haven’t used them enough to give the full and unconditional Culture Maven Seal of Approval . . . yet. They are pretty absorbant. Will follow up soon.

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