Today’s Lesson Learned: 01.13.09

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I just think it’s a really good idea to try to remember the emotions of our youth. Doing so allows us to act toward youngsters in ways that honor them and ourselves.

My teenage niece, who lives in an all Big Blue family, has fallen for the Cardinals. My sweetie, the Film Babe, takes her to the U of L games while I get the privilege of sitting at press row.

The Film Babe is out of town. I was going to pass those seats to the Notre Dame game along to some friends as a pay back for favors done. My niece kept calling to see if she was going to get to go to the game. Even had a friend she hoped to bring along.

I started going to U of L games when I was 7 years old. In those early years, the tickets belonged to my dad’s company. He never knew until game day if he’d get them, and, if he did, whether there would be one for me. I would always be nervous on game day, praying I’d get to go. It was a stunning disappointment when I wasn’t able to. So I felt my niece’s pain.

I gave her the ticket. Her friend got the other one. I drove them into the game.

— c d k

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