Film Review Podcast: “Allied”

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alliedindexI mean what more can you want from an old school potboiler?

Nazis as the bad guys.

Night clubs with swanky patrons in Casablanca during WWII.

Brad Pitt as the good guy, killing those Nazis yet again.

And Pitt’s eventual bride, Marion Cotillard, who may be a member of the French Resistence? Or a Nazi spy?

Does “Allied,” directed by Robert Zemeckis, live up to all that?

Listen below and find out.

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Film Review Podcast: “Rules Don’t Apply”

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rulesThere are a couple of fellows who have been significant in American culture during my lifetime, who may be unknown to many younger than me.

Warren Beatty: Filmmaker. Political activist. Movie star.

Howard Hughes: Billionaire. Eccentric. Recluse.

So, here we have Beatty’s first movie in years. He wrote it. He directed it. And he magnificently portrays the quirky Hughes.

It’s also a Hollywood romance between marvelous Lily Collins and Adam Ehrenreich.

For my full take on the flick, listen up:

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TV Review Podcast: “Soundbreaking”

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soundYou all know me to be a rock & roller of long standing.

Part of the obsession for me has been to try and learn as much of the trivia, as much of the back story, as I can.

Thus I love such documentaries as “Soundbreaking,” showing currently in 8 episodes on PBS.

It’s also available, at least for a short time, at

It focuses on the recording aspects of the creation of music. How the studio process is a craft unto itself. It covers the history from the creation of the electric microphone through the Beatles and George Martin’s groundbreaking albums to the current day when incredible music is being recorded on computers in living rooms.

For a more complete review, please listen:

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Film Review Podcast: “Dr. Strange”

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drsindexThough I have ranted and brayed early, often and consistently against all these comic book heroes, who find themselves on the silver screen, I feel compelled to admit I went to see “Dr. Strange.”

I usually avoid such fare like a plague.

While I did not stay for the entire film, I won’t let that get in the way of reviewing the first half, which I did watch.

In case you’re curious as to why I’d violate my own personal code against attendance at such films . . . well . . . it is all explained in my rambling review.

Which, because I am now so sure how curious you are, you can listen to with a simple click below.

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My Election Day Diary, Part I

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24collinsweb-jumboNovember 8, 2016 (I’m with her.)

Pizza for dinner. ✔︎

Chips, Potato & Corn ✔︎

Brownie ✔︎

Cookies ✔︎

Extra Bag of Peppridge Farm Bordeaux (Just in case.) ✔︎

Six pack of A & W Diet Root Beer. ✔︎

Extra Bag Original Pop’d Kerns. (Uh, just in case.)

Loaf of bread and butter. ✔︎ (In times of extreme stress, I’ve been known to power eat slice after slice after slice of a loaf of bread toasted and slathered with butter.)

Hole in the pit of my stomach larger than the cratered sinkhole at the Corvette Museum. ✔︎

Yes, on this seriously important and pivotal Election Day ’16, I am very very very nervous.

When I’m nervous, I eat.

 * * * * *

I voted late morning at my polling place in Clifton. Read the rest of this entry »

Film Review Podcast: “Goliath”

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golindexIt is true that I power watched this Amazon Prime 8 part mini series in a 48 hour span.

What remains inexplicable is why.

Billy Bob Thornton is an alcoholic attorney, living in an LA motel, and the bar/restaurant next door.

He gets involved in a case against an illicit weapons manufacturer. Which is represented by his old firm, now big and international with chic offices, run by his old partner but now arch enemy William Hurt.

Lots of people end up dead or in bed with each other, none of which scenarios make much sense. Nor do the courtroom scenes.

I couldn’t stop watching anyway.

For a more in depth take on my strange fixation with “Goliath,” listen up:

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Film Review Podcast: “Denial”

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denindexSome true life situations just don’t seem to be made for movie worthy.

So it is with the story of Deborah Lipstadt, a prof at Emory University, who wrote a book about holocaust deniers. And really pissed off one of them, a Brit named David Irving.

So he sued her and her publisher in Britain for damages for impugning his reputation.

This film — “Denial” — is a cinematic take on that legal situation. It features Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson and Timothy Spall.

I found it way more fascinating than I expected.

(So much so, I intend to go hear Professor Lipstadt talk here in Louisville on Nov. 10 at 7:00 at Keneseth Israel Synagogue.)

For more on the film, listen here:

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Film Review Podcast: “The Accountant”

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accindexWhat an interesting, unique character Ben Affleck gets to portray here.

An obsessive compulsive autistic accountant, who happens to be a master marksman and black belt in the Asian arts of street fighting.

He has a small practice in a strip mall in rural Illinois, helping out family farmers with their taxes. And also travels around the globe, doing financial work for drug dealers and arms dealers.

He gets in the middle of a scenario at an apparently legit robotics company, which is mysteriously missing money. Mayhem and plotline incomprehension ensue.

For a more in depth take on this movie, listen below:

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Film Review Podcast: “Mascots”

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masindexI’m not sure if “This is Spinal Tap” was the first of the cinematic genre whose films have come to be labeled Mockumentaries.

But it’s as good a place to start as any, since that movie and core ensemble begat “Waiting for Guffman,” “A Mighty Wind,” “Best in Show,” and now, “Mascots.”

It’s a Netflix release. So it can be seen on the internet, at least if the hackers aren’t causing havoc as they have this Friday as I post this. It may also be seen in some theaters, but none in my town.

Christopher Guest again directs this rave up of a competition to declare who is the best sports mascot. Many of the old faces from those flicks mentioned above are still around, along with some new ones.

How does it fare?

To be honest, not very well, not very well at all.

To discover why, listen to my podcast review below.

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Film Review Podcast: “The Girl on the Train”

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girlindexEmily Blunt drinks a lot and stares a lot.

Through the window of the commuter train she rides daily into NYC and back.

Stares at the home where she once lived at her ex hubby and his new wife and baby.

Stares and fantasizes about the couple living a few doors down who always seem to be making love.

The woman in the second house comes up missing.

Blunt gets involved.

Coincidences — oh so many coincidences — ensue.

Listen up for a more detailed critique:

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Film Review Podcast: “Snowden”

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snowindexThere is one thing that can be said for sure of Oliver Stone.

The director does not shy away from taking on the most controversial of imbroglios involving the U.S. government.

One might even offer that he goes out looking for them.

Then he usually shouts his opinionated take with a bull horn.

His latest “Snowden” is frankly quieter and more moderate than his previous such efforts.

If no less opinionated.

Sorry for the tardiness of this review, which many of you will have to stream to see, but all is explained if you listen below:

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A Short Tribute to James Bickers

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bickMy long time radio host and on air adversary James Bickers has passed away.

He was a friend.

He was a good guy.

He was a loving husband.

He was a loving father.

He was beloved by his adoring listening audience.

A short remembrance and tribute:

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