Culture Maven Goes To The State Fair

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historyYeah, I know this is oh so very where was it last week?

Saturday a week ago, during my weekly stint on FPK 91.9, I shared my experiences at the Kentucky State Fair. An annual ritual of mine that is no longer a secret pleasure.

Normally, I would have posted the podcast replay last Monday. Buuuuuuuut, so busy have I been . . . I simply forgot.

For those of you who have been jonesin’ like a junkie to hear again, or perhaps for the first time, here it is.

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Film Review: “Calvary”

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movieOne of the great treasures in actordom these days, a fellow we appreciate but don’t talk about a lot, is Brendan Gleeson.

In “Calvary,” he plays the priest in one of those postcard picturesque Irish towns. In the opening scene he takes confession from one of the locals, who says he’s going to kill the priest in a week’s time as retribution for sexual abuse he suffered when young, from another, now dead member of the clergy.

There are lots of local eccentrics here. But never too many.

There are lots of big issues dealt with here. But the film never spins out of control.

“Calvary,” much lighter than the plot synopsis above would indicate, is a keeper. For more reasons why, listen up.

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Film Review Podcast: The Hundred Foot Journey

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movieYa know, sometimes you just want to go into the movie house and be entertained in a warm, comfortable way.

Fortunately for those thus inclined — including me — there are many movies made that fit that bill.

Films where you know what’s going to happen and it’s going to a sweet, happy place and you just want to jump on for the ride.

Such a film, starring Helen Mirren, is “The Hundred Foot Journey.”

It’s oh so predictable. But lovely and sweet, I fell for it.

For the rest of my review, listen up.

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Film Review Podcast: “Magic In The Moonlight”

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movieThere isn’t anybody out there, working in film these days, as polarizing as Woody Allen.

But, even those inclined to dislike him, for whatever reasons, have to admit the guy is prolific. He’s put out a film a year since 1966.

His latest stars Emma Stone and Colin Firth, and is titled, “Magic In The Moonlight.”

I liked it.

To find out why, and for further observations on director Allen, please listen up.

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Radio Podcast: The Man I Wish I Was

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historyJames and I slogged our way through the aftermath on the streets of post-Louisville Purge dystopia, to make it to the FPK Studio for our weekly radio jam.

We chatted a bit about the sad suicide of Robin Williams, and what it means for us all.

Then I shared my thoughts after seeing a documentary about Shep Gordon.

Who is the man I wish I were . . . other than the Culture Maven, of course.

Please listen.

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Revealing the Best Album Ever Released

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music2It is time to end the argument once and for all, and put the whole colloquy to bed. (Hear me chuckle.)

A common engagement among music lover is to debate this: What’s the best album ever?

Of course, there are some minimal standards, but, beyond those which are met by many releases, it’s subjective. At least until now.

Ready for the reveal? Here’s what I had to say on the matter this past Saturday morning during my FPK 91.9 gig with James.

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Here’s the title track in its entirety:

Film Review: “Boyhood”

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movieThere is one thing that can be said for sure about Richard Linklater’s bold project, “Boyood.”

It is a film, from conceptualization to execution, unlike any you’ve seen before.

Or, are likely to see in the future.

This film about growing up, as a kid, as adults, is a compelling creation.

It is worthy of your attention.

For a more in depth analysis, listen up.

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On James Brown: The Movie, The Man, My Memories

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musicThe James Brown biopic is out. “Get On Up,” it’s titled.

It’s hard to tell a person’s life story in two hours, but this attempt is a bit better than most.

He was a complicated dude, obviously an important figure in American pop music, and a fascinating presence.

I used my time on the radio Saturday morning to talk about the film, my memories of James Brown, and a historic connection of his with Louisville.

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And, as promised, here’s the his full, transcendent performance from the TAMI Show.

Film Review: “Only Lovers Left Alive”

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movieI am so very tired of this whole vampire genre at the movie house and on TV. I just don’t pay attention anymore.

Fortunately I didn’t let that dissuade me from viewing the latest from indie auteur Jim Jarmusch.

The title of the film is “Only Lovers Left Alive.”

And I can say without fear of contradiction that it’s surely unlike any movie, vampire or otherwise, you’ve seen before.

To hear of my opinion that you should seek this film out, listen up.

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Film Review: “A Most Wanted Man”

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movieThere is a reason why Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s loss — he died recently of a drug overdose — is sadder than the usual celebrity drug OD.

Hoffman was a consummate professional. Arguably the finest American actor of his time.

That he couldn’t overcome his demons pains me.

He left us with one last incredible performance, as a German spy in “A Most Wanted Man.”

For a more in depth analysis, please listen up:

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Film Review: “Lucy”

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movieI did not let James Bickers’ absence this last Saturday morning prevent me from having fun on the radio.

Sean and I rocked.

I also considered one of the oddest films I’ve seen in a long while. Shoot ‘Em Up director Luc Besson, in “Lucy,” combined a drug smuggling action adventure with a contemplation of the extent of human beings’ capacity for full intelligence.

Oddly, thanks to what I thought was a riveting opening sequence, I became way more engaged than I ever expected.

For my full take on the movie, listen up.

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“Sex Tape” Film Review & More

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movieProvided herein in a web rebroadcast podcast are the shenanigans partaken in and imparted to our listeners last Saturday morning by James Bickers and me on FPK 91.9.

Included are my review of the surprisingly likeable and engaging film, “Sex Tape.” It’s a comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal.

Plus some weird, but, I’m advised entertaining by others more objective than myself, blather betwixt my host and myself.

Please listen up and decide for yourself.

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