Radio Podcast: “American Sniper”

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movieI offered my take on the latest Clint Eastwood film, during my Saturday morning FPK 91.9 interlude with James.

So, it’s double your pleasure, double your fun.

You not only get a perceptive view of the seriously popular “American Sniper,” but, that’s right, there’s more.

You also get the added bonus of my host’s not so long range sniper shots at me.

And my return volleys.

It’s not friendly fire.

FYI, I have a somewhat contrarian view of this allegedly true life tale of an American military icon.

So, you’re well advised, if I do say so myself, to listen up:

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Film Review Podcast: “Selma”

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movieThere are certain moments in American history, which should never be forgotten.

The Civil Rights struggles of the 60s is certainly one of those seminal eras that should always be part of our consciousness.

Which means that this look back at the moments that fostered the Voting Rights Act is always germane and worth considering.

But is not to say that this movie about the Martin Luther King-led march from Selma, Alabama to the state capitol is without flaws.

Some interesting, arguably wrongheaded, choices were made in the guise of artistic license.

For more, listen up:

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Film Review Podcast: “Big Eyes”

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movieWhy am I finally getting around to reviewing this film, you might reasonably ask?

Well, the script has been sitting on my desk for at least a week now.

But, every time I was going to launch it into the cybergalaxy, something seemed to interfere.

Deal with it.

Anyway, it’s a wise and knowing look at this curious bit of pop culture.

So I advise listening up.

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Dining News: A Local Restaurant’s Deception

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soundoffSo I met my pals for our regular Wednesday lunch last week.

For some odd reason, we decided to go more upscale than usual.

So we went to a well reviewed new local eatery in town, run by a respected chef.

We all ordered soup.

After which, we discovered that all was not what it seemed to be.

Or, should have been.

As for the sordid details of what happened next, you’ll have to listen up.

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Film Review Podcast: “The Imitation Game”

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movieWe always get some British dramas released around the holiday season, for consideration come awards time.

This season, the fare has been a bit different.

No drawing room stuff, but a couple of dramas about famous British scientists.

The latest is “The Imitation Game,” ostensibly about the life of Alan Turing.

He’s the scientist, credited with cracking the enigma code in WWII, and with inventing the computer.

As for the film well, listen up:

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Film Review Podcast: “Unbroken”

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movieIf he hadn’t actually live it, it would be difficult to believe the life of Lou Zamperini.

The child of first generation immigrants, troubled in his youth until he discovers he can run fast.

An Olympian, who competed in the ’36 Berlin games.

A bombardier during WWII, who survived days at sea in a raft and years of torture in a prison camp.

He lived a full, long life thereafter, eventually finding forgiveness in his heart for his captors.

Now the tale is on film.

Unfortunately, director Angelina Jolie doesn’t do it justice.

For more detail, listen up:

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Film Review Podcast: “Inherent Vice”

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movieI’m a sucker for films set in Los Angeles.

Especially ones that feature private detectives and a nouveau noir plot.

So I was ready for “Inherent Vice,” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Josh Brolin, with many zesty cameos, from the first moment I saw the trailer months ago.

It arrived yesterday at one theater in my town.

Was the movie as much fun as I expected?

Do I recommend it for your attention?

Well, listen up:

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Revisiting “The Wire”: Still the Best

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tvwatchHBO replayed what I’ve always thought is the best drama ever, “The Wire,” over five consecutive days during the holidays. In HD.

So, I watched with a critical eye.

I tend to pontificate when it comes to consideration of this examination of life in Baltimore, so good have I considered after two viewings in years past all the way through, five seasons worth. I felt I needed to check my perspective.

And, after savoring most of it again last week, I came to a different conclusion.

It’s even better than I thought.

For further details, listen up:

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A Tribute to Joe Cocker

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rockandrollMy guess is as many folks know Joe Cocker from John Belushi’s spot on satirical homage on SNL than from a deep seated appreciation of the singer himself.

More’s the pity.

Cocker held a unique place in the rock world.

He was more than his fidgety presence on stage.

He was the deal.

So, I needed to say goodbye publicly.

And did so with this tribute last Saturday a.m. on FPK 91.9.

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Film Review Podcast: “Foxcatcher”

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movieIt’s that time of the year when the theaters are packed, because, well, families can only drink egg nog, eat fruitcake, and try to civilly interact around the fireplace for so long, before they decide a journey to the movie house might provide respite for all.

Besides, December is the season when studios release many of the major films they feel are award worthy.

Thus, there is lots of great fare to choose from.

“Foxcatcher,” starring Steve Carell in dramatic mode, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo, is an eery true life tale.

And easily one of the best movies of 2014.

For a more detailed analysis, listen up:

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Film Review Podcast: “Wild”

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movieI must admit I had some trepidations before viewing the latest Reece Witherspoon effort, a true life tale of a woman hiking the Pacific Trail to find some balance and solace in her life.

Witherspoon’s real life and oft screen persona is one of a resolute woman, who can with determination conquer any world she wishes.

Cheryl Strayed’s story is more subtle and less focused than that. So, I wondered whether Witherspoon could reel in her default stalwartness to accurately reflect the conflicts inherent in the role.

Well, she did.

For a more in depth analysis of the movie, listen up:

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The Sony Hack & WWIII

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historyI have some theories about the ultimate ramifications of North Korea’s hacking into and public releas of Sony’s digital data.

And, frankly, they are frightening.

So, while I normally wax wacky during my Saturday morning interludes with Mr. Jimmy on FPK 91.9, last time out was more serious.

It happens. Every once in awhile I have a thought that moves beyond buffoonery.

So, feel free to listen up. You might gain a new perspective on world politics and future.

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