Film Review: “Lucy”

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movieI did not let James Bickers’ absence this last Saturday morning prevent me from having fun on the radio.

Sean and I rocked.

I also considered one of the oddest films I’ve seen in a long while. Shoot ‘Em Up director Luc Besson, in “Lucy,” combined a drug smuggling action adventure with a contemplation of the extent of human beings’ capacity for full intelligence.

Oddly, thanks to what I thought was a riveting opening sequence, I became way more engaged than I ever expected.

For my full take on the movie, listen up.

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“Sex Tape” Film Review & More

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movieProvided herein in a web rebroadcast podcast are the shenanigans partaken in and imparted to our listeners last Saturday morning by James Bickers and me on FPK 91.9.

Included are my review of the surprisingly likeable and engaging film, “Sex Tape.” It’s a comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal.

Plus some weird, but, I’m advised entertaining by others more objective than myself, blather betwixt my host and myself.

Please listen up and decide for yourself.

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Film Review (“Life Itself”) + James & c d Shtick

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movieSo last Saturday, instead of addressing one or another of the major cutluro/socio/politico issues of the day, during my regular interlude, I talked about a film.

“Life Itself” is an affecting documentary about Roger Ebert.

It’s worth listening to what I have to say about it, and to actually see it On Demand, or when it soon comes to a local movie house.

Plus there’s the usual Saturday morning James & c d shenanigans. So it’s got that goin’ for it. Which is nice.

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Film Review: “Begin Again”

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movieI’m sure I’ve railed on often before about the actor known as Keira Knightly, because, well, because I don’t get her. And I don’t understand her career.

In “Begin Again,” she’ featured with Mark Ruffalo, of whom I have a much higher opinion, and whose charm helps save this, a sweet, but frothy little feel good movie.

It’s trite. But, like I said, there’s a charm at work here, which means there are worse ways to spend time on hot summer’s day at the movie house.

For further, more in depth considerations of “Begin Again,” please listen.

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Culture: Is Apple turning into Microsoft?

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historyOf course, my host, the ever irascible James Bickers, thinks my weekly rumination from this past Saturday to be a lot of verbiage about nothing of significance.

And, of course, he is, as usual, way off the mark.

Whether the folks at Apple have lost their touch, now that Glorious Leader and Muse Steve Jobs is no longer with them, is a matter of grave importance in our increasingly digital/ techno age.

Thus, I ponder that salient consideration, in the wake of a vexing Apple-directed software download.

Please listen. It may change your life.

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Film Review: “Words and Pictures”

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movieFilms about ideas.

Now there’s an idea.

Where intellectual discourse is the basis of the plot. Where the audience is challenged to consider the matter under colloquy.

Such is the case with “Words and Pictures.”

The flick’s got flaws, but the premise here is so intellectually stimulating that I, for one, am willing to overlook them.

For further review, listen up.

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Film Review: “Jersey Boys”

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movieClint Eastwood is a Hollywoodland director of considerable consequence.

And he’s also a music buff.

When those merged years ago in “Bird,” the story of Charlie Parker, it was marvelous.

Not so much with the cinemazation of “Jersey Boys,” the Broadway musical who portended to tell the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

To find out why, listen up:

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Film Review: “The Lunchbox”

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movieI love foreign films that give insight into alien cultures, and the unique way in which they differ from that of my own.

“The Lunchbox” is lovely story that examines just such a cultural affectation in Mumbai.

And how an innocent mistake can change the lives of people.

This is a delightfully sweet and delicate film.

For more, listen up.

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Culture: The Origins of a Rock & Roll Classic

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musicI’m one of those guys who can’t get enough info about old rock & roll.

I love the back stories, the mythos, the facts.

For a long time I knew one story about the origin of the classic, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” penned in 1960 by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, and first recorded by The Shirelles.

Upon the occasion of Goffin’s passing last week, I used it as an excuse to research if the stories of how the song came about I’d heard were true or not?

It’s a charming fable.

Listen up.

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Movie Review: “22 Jump Street”

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movieThis one’s for those of you who think I only go see artsy fartsy flicks. Guys like James Bickers, my Saturday morning nemesis on FPK.

There are others of you too. Yeah, you know who you are.

But, hey, I’m just one of the guys. I dig stupid, summer popcorn flicks. (If they portend to have some redeeming value.)

And, to prove it, and, perhaps, save you a wasted trip to the movie house, I’m reviewing here and now, “22 Jump Street.”

Listen up. You’ll be glad you did.

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Culture Rant: Assault on Personal Expression

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historyWhen considering whether to click on the link below or not, you are surely asking yourself, “What topic of major global import did c d kaplan discuss Saturday morning during his weekly radio gig?

“1) The Iran situation;

“2) The Syrian situation;

“3) The increasingly deleterious effects of global warming;

“4) The Tea Party’s war on American politcs; or

“5) None of the above.”

Of course, the answer is “None of the above.”

But what I did rant about last Saturday morning on FPK 91.9 with James just may change your life.

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Film Review: “The Fault In Our Stars”

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movieSomething we rarely think about when considering movies is how props can play a role in a film, becoming a character.

So I start out today’s review of “The Fault In Our Stars” with a discussion of an illuminating interview I heard recently with a costume designer about one award-winning film where a ladies handbag played a significant role in the movie.

Then I move on to discuss how that’s also this case in the film being reviewed today, featuring up and coming star, Shailene Woodley.

Which makes this podcast especially worthy of your time.

Please listen up.

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