Film Review Podcast: “Danny Collins”

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movieI must advise I was seriously skeptical about the film “Danny Collins.”

Scene gnawing Al Pacino, as an aging rock star, bored with is life, whose existence takes a 180, when he finds out John Lennon wrote him a letter in his youth, that he previously never saw or even knew about.

Apparently, that actually happened to a young singer, who never made the leap to stardom.

True as the takeoff point might be, the rest is fictional.

And nothing, plotwise, that is especially groundbreaking.

Actually, there’s not a twist or turn you haven’t seen before.

Some might call the plot, and one critic actually did refer to it thusly, as a mere outline of a story.

But, so engaging are the stars — Pacino, Annette Benning, Bobby Cannivale, Jennifer Garner, Christopher Plummer — this sweet popcorn flick actually is a charmer.

I liked the flick.

For more reasons why, listen up:

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Film Review Podcast: “The Wrecking Crew”

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movieThis one is mostly for music buffs, rock & roll lovers at that.

It’s the story of the group of LA studio musicians, who created way more of the sounds of the 60s than you can imagine.

They were called the Wrecking Crew.


They were a faceless but fascinating group of hot shot musicians.

And their story has never been told  . . . until now.

I believe you’ll be amazed when you learn how the iconic sounds of your youth (or your parents’ youth) was created, and when you meet the interesting folks who fashioned it.

I really liked “The Wrecking Crew” a lot.

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Film Review Podcast: “While We’re Young”

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movieIf a movie deals with issues that I’ve contemplated or experienced, it makes sense that I’d like it.

That is, if the film’s observations strike true, and it is well composed.

Which I can is the case with the latest –and best — from writer/ director Noah Baumbach.

It stars Naomi Watts and Ben Stiller and Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver.

It contemplates that phenomenon that strikes most everyone at middle age and beyond: Whither youth?

And, if you want more details, which you should, click play below:


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Film Review Podcast: “Furious 7″

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movieYes, it’s true I went to see this seventh son of a franchise flick.

Quite by accident, actually.

Which is part of the story. Since I intended to see another film at the same cineplex.

But, for reasons which shall only be explained in the podcast below, I chose this flick instead.

Sooooooooo, should you be curious as to how this film differs from its many predecessors, should you be curious as to whether there is some artistic value, should you really really care why I passed on one film and saw this one, I’d suggest you click play below.

All will be answered.

More or less.

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Rants & Raves: Color as Flavor . . . Huh???

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historyIt is an inexplicable new trend in the catergory of what people like to eat.

Asking for an foodstuff, not by its name, but by its color.

Weird, huh?

You think?

Well, last Saturday morning, I gave this contemporary phenomenon my full attention. Meanwhile, since it was Membership Drive time at WFPK (Are you a member?), I had not only my host James to deal with, but Laura Shine.

It was not pretty.

But, well worth a listen.

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Film Review Podcast: “It Follows”

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movieIt’s not often I go to see any kind of horror flick.

It was all downhill for me, after I saw William Castle’s “Macbre,” when my pals and I sat in the balcony and laughed our way through it, as sub teens are wont to do.

And that was back in 1900andnoneofyourbusiness.

And I especially avoid teen horror movies, which tend to fall into the trap of a young blonde, hiding in the corner, afraid to open the door, for fear she’ll be hacked to death.

So, imagine my surprise when I most enjoyed this movie, which has more than a few scenes, where an attractive young blonde is hiding in her room, afraid to open the door.

It’s way more than that.

For a more complete, and astute, analysis, listen up:


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Film Review Podcast: “71”

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movieI’m not sure I’ve ever really understood all the causes and underpinnings and whys and wherefores of the period of conflict in Northern Ireland, known as “The Troubles.”

Which confusion didn’t diminish my appreciation for the truly fine film, “71.”

It depicts the travails of a young soldier, who is left behind by his regiment in the Catholic section of Belfast, during those tortured times.

There is a mesmerizing surreal quality to the whole affair.

Will he escape? Is there anyone he can trust? If so, which of the characters who cross his path should he?

This is a sturdy film, well-crafted.

For further explanation, please listen.

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Rants & Raves: Weekend Battle of the UKs

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historyIt was with a bemused sense of irony that I observed the confluxification of two sets of UK royals, arriving in our burg simultaneously.

In one corner, the tweedly, toothy twosome from across the pond.

Prince Charlie and his former inamorata, now bride, a/k/a now known as the Duchess of Cornwall.

In the other, the ever true UK royals, the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

Who won this battle of the UKs for relevance and our attention?

I trust you can guess the correct answer, but listen anyway.

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Rants & Raves: Etymology of Dongle

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historyThough it’s usually silliness, James and I perpetrate during my Saturday morning stint on FPK 91.9, every once in awhile, I feel compelled to push the dialog in a more scholarly direction.

There are subjects which deserve to be discussed in full.

Words, how they sound, what they mean, where they come from — those are contemplations with which I’m too often obsessed.

Such as the derivation of the word, “dongle.”

It was a word I couldn’t shake all last week.

So I felt to purge the thoughts with my radio essay.

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Film Review Podcast: What We Do In The Shadows

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movieIt is hard for me to believe that I’m really writing these words.

And doing so without a sense of irony.

My favorite film last year was a vampire movie, though like none you’ve ever seen. Terminally hip.

Jim Jarmush’s “Only Lovers Left Alive.”

And now, my fave so far this year is, yes, it’s twu it’s twu, another vampire film.

This, the extremely hilarious, “What We Do In The Shadows.”

For further details, listen up.


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Rants & Raves: Culture Maven is a Deli Maven

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historyThere are times when a man has to take a stand, to stand up for himself, to stand up against an injustice.

Which is what I was forced to do Saturday morning on FPK 91.9.

A film is out, a documentary, about a matter of which I have vast and deep knowledge.

I coulda, woulda, shoulda been in it.

So, on Saturday morning, I tried to right the wrong.

This is a matter of major import.

Please listen:


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Film Review Podcast: Focus

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movieI know, I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a movie review.

Generally speaking, the reasons I can share, beyond some truly sordid details which shall not be revealed, are a new computer, new software, the learning curve, etc, etc, etc.

But, I’m back, and hopefully shall be making it to the cineplex again on a regular basis. And, thus, shall be able to report to you on all matters cinematic.

Below is my take on the glossy grifter flick “Focus.”

Will Smith. Margot Robbie. On the con.

Listen up for the details.


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