Film Review Podcast: “The Drop”

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movieCreeping into our consciousness all of a sudden as one of the leading actors of the day is this Tom Hardy fellow.

Loved him earlier this year in a one man tour de force, “Locke.”

And he sizzles again as bartender Bob in this atmospheric crime potboiler, “The Drop.”

He carries the film, which is surprising. Because, this is James Gandolfini’s last cinematic endeavor, and he’s as nuanced and marvelous as ever as the resentful guy who used to own the bar, but lost it to the Chechen mob.

I really liked this movie. For more reasons why, listen up.

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Podcast: Nature Enhances an Urban Day (And Validates the Name of an Apartment Complex)

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historyHas the wordy header grabbed your attention?

Do you wonder if I’ve lost all the marbles, clanking about in my head? Or, if I’ve actually got a nice little tale to tell about a sublime moment that happened last week? Something you’ll find fascinating?

I hope it’s the latter. If so, your indulgence for a few minutes while listening to last Saturday’s exposition from my weekly gig with James on FPK 91.9 shall be well served.

Is your curiosity peaked? (Or, should that read, “peeked?”)

Anyhow, listen up. It’ll be worth your time.

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Film Review Podcast: “Frank”

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movieI’ve often noted there aren’t a whole lot of new, totally unique stories, floating about out there. No matter how many monkeys there might be typing away at an infinite number of word processors.

But, every once in awhile, something shows up on the silver screen that is so quirky, so skewed, it becomes worthy, if only for the quality of its uniqueness.

This film, “Frank,” featuring Michael Fassbender and Maggie Gyllanhall, is all that. Plus there’s much to ponder, beyond the presence of its out of the ordinary subject matter.

Intrigued enough to want to know more about “Frank?” You should be.

So, listen up:

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Review: “The Bling Ring”

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movieI did something today which, well, which for one catches me up with all of you in the Netflix universe, and, two, was done for the first time.

I’ve been a subscriber to Amazon Prime for awhile. Lots of perks for a compulsive shopper like myself.

And the site has 40,000 movies, which one can stream immediately, and for free. For free at least with that membership.

So, today, I took the plunge, watching Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring.” It never played Louisville that I recall.

For my take on the movie. And the experience. Listen up.

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What Ails Our Thoughts & My New Washing Machine

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historyLooking at the title of my essay, presented this Saturday past on FPK 91.9, you might wonder — legitimately so — what my need for a new washing machine and the big issues plaguing society have in common?

I understand your confusion.

But, if you listen to this brilliantly thought through, brilliantly reasoned, brilliantly constructed and brilliantly delivered — if I do say so myself — radio essay, you will understand how it all comes together, and illuminates as if a fireball of enlightenment across the evening sky.

Many of you shall probably consider it worthy of a standing O, even if you have listened alone at your computer station.

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Culture Maven Goes To The State Fair

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historyYeah, I know this is oh so very where was it last week?

Saturday a week ago, during my weekly stint on FPK 91.9, I shared my experiences at the Kentucky State Fair. An annual ritual of mine that is no longer a secret pleasure.

Normally, I would have posted the podcast replay last Monday. Buuuuuuuut, so busy have I been . . . I simply forgot.

For those of you who have been jonesin’ like a junkie to hear again, or perhaps for the first time, here it is.

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Film Review: “Calvary”

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movieOne of the great treasures in actordom these days, a fellow we appreciate but don’t talk about a lot, is Brendan Gleeson.

In “Calvary,” he plays the priest in one of those postcard picturesque Irish towns. In the opening scene he takes confession from one of the locals, who says he’s going to kill the priest in a week’s time as retribution for sexual abuse he suffered when young, from another, now dead member of the clergy.

There are lots of local eccentrics here. But never too many.

There are lots of big issues dealt with here. But the film never spins out of control.

“Calvary,” much lighter than the plot synopsis above would indicate, is a keeper. For more reasons why, listen up.

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Film Review Podcast: The Hundred Foot Journey

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movieYa know, sometimes you just want to go into the movie house and be entertained in a warm, comfortable way.

Fortunately for those thus inclined — including me — there are many movies made that fit that bill.

Films where you know what’s going to happen and it’s going to a sweet, happy place and you just want to jump on for the ride.

Such a film, starring Helen Mirren, is “The Hundred Foot Journey.”

It’s oh so predictable. But lovely and sweet, I fell for it.

For the rest of my review, listen up.

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Film Review Podcast: “Magic In The Moonlight”

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movieThere isn’t anybody out there, working in film these days, as polarizing as Woody Allen.

But, even those inclined to dislike him, for whatever reasons, have to admit the guy is prolific. He’s put out a film a year since 1966.

His latest stars Emma Stone and Colin Firth, and is titled, “Magic In The Moonlight.”

I liked it.

To find out why, and for further observations on director Allen, please listen up.

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Radio Podcast: The Man I Wish I Was

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historyJames and I slogged our way through the aftermath on the streets of post-Louisville Purge dystopia, to make it to the FPK Studio for our weekly radio jam.

We chatted a bit about the sad suicide of Robin Williams, and what it means for us all.

Then I shared my thoughts after seeing a documentary about Shep Gordon.

Who is the man I wish I were . . . other than the Culture Maven, of course.

Please listen.

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Revealing the Best Album Ever Released

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music2It is time to end the argument once and for all, and put the whole colloquy to bed. (Hear me chuckle.)

A common engagement among music lover is to debate this: What’s the best album ever?

Of course, there are some minimal standards, but, beyond those which are met by many releases, it’s subjective. At least until now.

Ready for the reveal? Here’s what I had to say on the matter this past Saturday morning during my FPK 91.9 gig with James.

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Here’s the title track in its entirety:

Film Review: “Boyhood”

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movieThere is one thing that can be said for sure about Richard Linklater’s bold project, “Boyood.”

It is a film, from conceptualization to execution, unlike any you’ve seen before.

Or, are likely to see in the future.

This film about growing up, as a kid, as adults, is a compelling creation.

It is worthy of your attention.

For a more in depth analysis, listen up.

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